Summer Ennui

I have not written anything too strenuous in a while now.  My plan was during summer break from teaching I would spend my time writing, playing the guitar, and working out with a little house work on the side.

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I started with a strong resolve.  What I didn’t count on was how lazy I really am.  I  tried to teach summer school one year.  That lasted one month and I was out.  No summer jobs for me.

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I do keep a clean house (mostly) and cook meals (most days) during the summer.  I even mate all the socks in the sock basket.  I can stick with it through the first month or two of school and then gradually I begin to taper off.  Come April, very little house work is done and in May it is virtually non-existent.  So with summer, I play catch up.   That’s how I rationalize staying home even though all my kids have moved on.

My mom lives with me.  That’s a whole other story.

My summer routine:

I wake early (around 6 am), drink coffee and write in my journal for about 30 minutes.  That time has started to stretch out longer and longer, not so much for writing but just hanging out and drinking more coffee and checking Facebook.

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I do manage to get in my workout.  I typically run for an hour 3-4 days a week with longer runs on Sundays.  Then its bicycling and weight lifting on the other days.  Stretching and some core follow.  I hate core and do that only sporadically.  I know, I know.  Core gets me across the finish line.  Bleh.

Then its shower my mom and breakfast.  I’ll spend an hour or so on boring house work and laundry.

So by noon, I’m done.  Afternoon naps take up some of my day.  I set my phone alarm to wake me up at 3:25 so I can watch Jeopardy! at 3:30.  I start dinner around 5.  Yet somehow since mid-July I have only picked up the guitar maybe 3 times.  I do write every morning in my journal, but have not sat down to a computer.

A couple of days ago I started a story about my sports life (keep an eye out for it) for the blog, but am mired in ennui.  The bathrooms still need cleaning and the floors need mopping.  The sock basket sits untouched and the guitar case in the corner needs to be dusted.

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With the start of the new school year hanging over me, I have perked up somewhat.  Maybe I’ll do lesson planning since school starts this week.

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