Sunday Askew: House Woes 3

Week 2 of forced renovation

I missed this yesterday because I could not get to the computer in the office.  And as I am technologically challenged, I couldn’t quite figure it out on my iPad.

Not much has changed with the pile of floor boards.  They have shifted around some.  Fat Ralph, our beagle, likes to scratch his butt on them.


Progress has been made on getting the office ready to install the repurposed floor.  The plumbers arrived today to start replacing a pipe that runs through the living and dining rooms.


The stack of wood tiles is just to the right of Fat Ralph.  Somewhere the capricious dachshund, Sonny, is running around barking his head off.  Constantly.

The plumber will only take a couple of days to finish his part.  Then the next countdown for getting the floor for these rooms begins.

Why is there constant renovation, but nothing seems to be finished?  Ever.


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