Sunday Askew: House Woes 2

Day 7 of renovation.  Not much has changed.

house two

I was hoping I could add some videos here, but I have to upgrade and I hate paying for things.  Free is always best.  Cheap not so much. With cheap, I get a year long renovation.

Image result for Free stuff

To be fair, my husband did spend today cleaning his office.  That should take him a couple of weeks.  We are repurposing the wood floors into his office.  We are in disagreement about how to go about it.  He thinks it will be OK to put them down over the carpet.  The carpet was a cheap buy.  It is glued onto the concrete.  One reason for the change is the dogs have mistaken it for their toilet a few times.  There are some suspicious stains on the floor.  I don’t want to trap unwanted odors under the wood floor.

Image result for dog peeing on furniture cartoon

Stay tuned!


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