Get the Gun

Every year the city of Norman hosts a music festival with bands scattered around the town.  My husband and I have been before armed with lawn chairs and a cooler to enjoy the entertainment.  After Oklahoma passed a law that allows open carry, the festival organizers decided to ban guns at the festival.  Outrage erupted. One man who lives in Norman said the ban violated his constitutional rights.  There had been several times, he insisted, that he had needed to draw his gun for protection.  In Norman?  What is this guy doing in Norman that he has to pull out his gun for protection?  I’ve lived in this area for 40 years and have never needed a gun.

That may not be exactly true.  On a street that I frequently run down, a ferocious dog waits.  Sometimes he is chained to a pole in the yard and just barks, terrifying me as I whiz by.   Some days he is on the loose on the golf course behind the houses and comes shooting out when he sees me running down the road.

I occasionally encounter dogs.  They are pretty friendly and will run with me for a while.  Sometimes they scare me when they come bounding down the street barking.  Then they reach me and just want to be petted.  This one dog is not looking for a friend.  He has held me hostage in the middle of the street to afraid to move, believing he will attack.  I have screamed and screamed, but no response from the owners.  He bit my daughter once.  She had to get shots.  Damn dog.  A friend that I run with has called the dog pound multiple times on this devil.  He is well-known. I carry pepper spray just for this dog.  One day after he knocked me down and stood over me growling while I was curled in a ball praying for help, I wanted to shoot that damn dog. If I had a gun….

Disclaimer:  I really am a dog lover.  I have two dogs that I dearly love.  I know it is not the dog’s fault, it’s the owner’s.  But when I am on the ground terrified, I don’t care.

Since the music festival was a public affair or something like that, Norman could not prevent people from bringing their guns. However, businesses have the option of posting a sign stating that no guns are allowed on the premises.  Toby Keith, a native Oklahoman, posted such a sign at his restaurant, I Love this Bar & Grill.  Drunken outrage exploded in the streets:  People firing guns in the air, swearing, much gnashing of teeth.  “Traitor!”  “He can’t do that!” “It’s my constitutional right!” echoed through the air.

Image result for outlaws shooting up the  town in the wild west

Disclaimer:  They didn’t really fire guns in the air that I know of.

In the old west many towns did not allow guns.  Signs were posted directing visitors to leave their gun at the sheriff’s office or with the black smith.  Guns were needed for protection on the range, but were not necessary in town.

Just like the towns of Deadwood and Dodge City, many bars here feel it may not be a good idea to arm the revelers.

Image result for no guns in the old west

My husband and I were driving home from dinner with our son in Bricktown last week.  To get to I-35 going south, we had to drive east along Reno a couple of miles to Eastern, hook a right for the  west I-40 highway entrance and then move across 5 lanes of traffic to get to the south I-35 exit.  Not an easy feat sometimes given there is about a mile of highway to accomplish this.  Luckily there was not much traffic that night as Art made his move to the far left lane.  Suddenly a car appeared right behind us.  He had been a speck in the rear view but quickly was on our tail.  How fast was this guy going to get to us so fast?  He started blinking his lights and honking because Husband had “cut him off”.  Never mind that he had to be going about a hundred miles an hour.

He stayed close on our bumper up the entrance to merge onto I-35.  Once on, he whipped around us with his window down, gesturing wildly, his face an angry mask yelling obscenities.  He and his girlfriend flipped us off as they passed.  He sped up and cut in front of us where he promptly slammed on his brakes.  What a jerk! We are screaming and gesturing back by this point.  They’re still flipping us off through their sunroof as they slow us down.  It was all very crazy.  Husband starts yelling “Get the gun!  Get the gun!”

Disclaimer:  No guns in the car.

When random people knock on my door sending my dogs into a barking frenzy, upsetting the peace of my house, trying to sell me something or get me to come to their church….

On second thought…I guess there have been situations where I needed to protect myself with a gun.


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