The Stink

I may be a germophobe.

Sometimes I see my mom who has Alzheimer’s and lives with me eating ice cream from the container and then putting it back in the freezer.  I don’t eat any more ice cream.  I’ve seen her pick up a dead fly and turn around and eat a  cookie with the same hand.  Hand soap containers are in abundance in my house.  When mom’s helper comes to the house, mom talks her into shopping and they invariably come home with hand soap.  There were 6 containers in her bathroom alone .  I’m not sure that she actually uses them unless I make her.  I really think she uses them as hair gel so I had to take them all out except for one and dole them out as needed.

Image result for Fly in my soup

I will not even eat after my husband and we’ve shared many things.  This summer I went to Alaska with my husband and some family members.  Part of the trip included a glacier tour.  To get there, we canoed through a beautiful glacial stream.   Mini ice bergs dotted the water as we glided along.  Our guide plucked one and passed it around for everyone to taste.  How many times will I have the opportunity to taste a glacial ice berg? It passed around the boat with everyone licking it.  I looked at all the people before me who had their mouths on it and passed.

Sometimes the kids at school will bring cake or cookies.  I can’t do it.

Last weekend I was at a walking event with my daughter for a fundraiser.  I went to the bathroom before the walk started. As I stood washing my hands other ladies came out of the stalls and either just rinsed their hands or did nothing.  I stared with gaping mouth as they walked out without washing.  I pulled my sleeves over my hands refusing to touch the door handle.

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I hate the big chain grocery store by my house, but sometimes I stop for groceries.  Unfortunately it is a convenient stop on my way home from work.  One reason I go there is that my son’s girlfriend told me about an app with a savings catcher.  I can scan my receipts and get credit if it finds the items cheaper somewhere else.  I have accrued some decent reward points that came in handy during Christmas.  Score one for big chain grocery.

One day, though, I was at the check out and the guy ringing up my groceries had body odor so bad I nearly threw up.  I stood there with my shirt pulled over my nose taking shallow breaths.  Tears formed in my eyes from the stinging smell.  He tried to talk to me,  but I could not get any words out.

I’m not sure if I should be grateful to the girlfriend for turning me onto the app or not.  The last time I stopped there, Stink Boy was at it again.  I stood as far away from him as I could.  He sneezed.  I walked away.

I may need help.

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