I’ll bring bread

I’m a bitch.  I also am a high school teacher who spends more time in the principal’s office than my students.  I used to teach English, but moved into the Social Studies Dept. because our English Dept. head was a  bigger bitch than me.  Once I made the switch, Social Studies was glad to have me.  Whenever the principal shows up at our lunch group looking for someone now, it’s always me.  This group is glad to have me because I diverted the heat away from them.

My mouth is what gets me in trouble.  I once asked a kid why he would not do any work in class.

Kid:  Shoulder shrug, “I don’t want to.”

Me:  “You know this is a required class, right?”

Kid:  Shoulder shrug

Me:  “Let me know which bridge you end up under.  I’ll bring bread so you don’t starve.”

Image result for bread sack

An hour later the principal was knocking on my door.  I know.  I know. The poor kid.  This was not our first conversation though.  I had tried every trick I know to help him and get him help. He had no interest at all in school only when he could get his next high.  I apologized to him.

While teaching AP English, the AP program decided that we needed to be accountable and submit a syllabus for approval.  Our department head decided that we had to go through her before submitting.  This is the same person that told me I would get to teach a new Shakespeare class then told the principal that I wasn’t qualified.  I was.  This is the same person that stabbed me in the back over our summer reading program.  So when I finally got my new syllabus together, I bypassed her and sent it straight to the AP people.  I got approved on the first pass.  After snidely berating me in front of the principal who then called me to the office, her’s did not get approved.  I offered to give her tips-in front of the principal.



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